Design and manufacture of custom-made closets and dressing rooms Malaga

In Magistral we are manufacturers, so we can realize any design or idea you have for your closet or dressing room. We design and manufacture custom-made closets and dressing rooms in Malaga with a previous study of your case to determine the best distribution and make the most of the available space.

Not all closets and dressing rooms are the same, since the needs of each client can be very different.

The closet or dressing room, beyond being a storage area, is the place where we keep our most beloved garments.

We take care of the design, manufacture and assembly of your dressing room and closet.

Request information about custom-made closets and dressing rooms in Malaga and surroundings.

Custom-made dressing rooms

We design and manufacture open or closed dressing rooms, in the form of corner, with sliding doors … illuminating the room with lamps or spotlights in the ceiling, working with different options to adapt exactly to what our customer needs.

To plan the best made-to-measure walk-in closets, our team carefully studies the surface area available and looks for the best way to make the best use of the space and maintain order.

In the project of a custom dressing room we will organize the interior with bars or rails at different heights where to place suits, dresses, shirts and pants. Drawers and shelves for sweaters, shirts and accessories without forgetting the high areas with space to store clothes from other seasons.

Custom-made cabinets

The storage space is essential in a house, either by placing a closet in the hall, a cabinet in the living room or a closet in the bedroom.

The planning in the design, the choice of color and material of the structure, the cabinet handles, etc. will define a style of decoration according to the rest of the room.

In large rooms our customers often choose to organize a dressing area with independent character, but in smaller rooms shelves and sliding door closets are the best option to take advantage of the space.

Los armarios a medida permiten ajustarse exactamente al espacio del que dispone y si colocamos un espejo en la puerta ganará en utilidad y ayudará a dar mayor sensación de amplitud.

For Magistral it is important to combine design and functionality adapting to the dimensions of the place and adjusting to your budget.