Manufacture and design of custom-made bathroom furniture Málaga

Have you thought about renovating your bathroom and don’t know how to optimize the available space? Do you want a personal space that you can’t find in any catalog?
We are your best solution.

Our company specializes in the design and manufacture of custom bathroom furniture to suit your decorating preferences and budget.

We carry out previous studies to present designs that make the most of the dimensions of the bathrooms looking for the perfect balance between design, space and comfort.

Do you have a decoration idea for your bathroom? We make it come true from design to manufacturing and assembly.

Contact us for advice on custom-made bathroom furniture Malaga.

Custom furniture manufacturing.

We know the latest trends in design bathrooms and toilets. We use ceramic materials, marble, wood and metal to create classic or modern environments. Original or minimalist proposals without ever losing sight of functionality.

Bathroom planning begins with deciding the location and style of the bathroom fixtures and the installation of a bathtub or shower tray. We will advise you on non-slip materials and surfaces to make the bathroom a safe place and inform you about the most water-efficient options for sanitary ware and faucets.

In bathrooms there are several important aspects that complement each other, giving the room a style of its own:

  1. The tiles
  2. Bathroom furniture
  3. The washbasin countertops
  4. The bathroom mirror is a key element that will allow the spaces to look more spacious, luminous and even sophisticated.


In addition to these aspects, lighting and ventilation will be studied by our bathroom designer, an expert in transforming bathrooms into cozy rooms with personality.

Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom furniture allows us to have everything we need for personal hygiene well organized. Especially in small spaces, custom-made bathroom furniture allows us to take advantage of every centimeter by placing furniture under the sink or some shelves above the toilet where we can place towels or toiletries.

Quality materials are a long-term investment, and end up being more cost-effective. It must be taken into account that bathroom furniture is exposed to humidity and receives a very continuous use.

Bathroom countertops

Bathroom countertops are elegant and practical.
They help to decorate by integrating the sink and can be used alone or together with a larger bathroom cabinet or drawers.

From the point of view of materials we can find a great variety of proposals for bathroom countertops (tropical woods, resins, marble or granite, glass…etc).

Actualmente es tendencia en las casas en las que viven varias personas y solo se dispone de un baño, colocar dos lavabos en las encimeras de baño, lo que permitirá aprovecharlo al máximo y no tener que esperar cuando tenemos poco tiempo para arreglarnos.