layout and shape of

The distribution and shape of kitchens, their geometry, is fundamental to their functionality and space optimization.

Are you not sure about the ideal distribution for your kitchen?

At Magistral Cocinas we carry out a previous study to find the perfect balance between your ideal design and the space you have. Any shape, size and all possible distributions for your ideal kitchen. We are manufacturers with more than 20 years of experience in successful works.

Ask for a study of your personal case and we will find the best solution.

I would like to ask for advice on the ideal layout and shape of kitchens for me.

kitchens with island

In recent years, kitchen islands have become a trend in kitchen design. As a cooking area, work surface, storage area or extension of the worktop. The kitchen island is both an aesthetic and functional element.

The design of kitchens with island is not exclusive to large spaces. Sometimes the islands with removable table are a solution to add a storage area and a meeting space with smaller dimensions.

If your ideal kitchen includes the design of kitchen islands consult with our team and find the most appropriate solution to the space and budget you have. Leave the design of kitchen islands in the hands of professionals.

Kitchen with peninsula

Kitchens with peninsula can be the solution in kitchen designs with small spaces. In the kitchen peninsula one of its sides is attached to the wall (unlike kitchen islands) which allows to use that area to place kitchen furniture for storage or shelves and rails with an open storage concept.

Kitchens with L shape

L-shaped kitchens are, in general, a perfect choice for all sizes.

The distribution of the kitchen in L, allows a maximum use of the surface.

The central space in L-shaped kitchens allows greater mobility. This makes it the most demanded option in recent times.

Our team of designers will show you how an L-shaped kitchen with island allows you to increase the storage of the room or modify the work or meeting area without sacrificing style.

Small L-shaped kitchens are a good option to integrate different spaces.

The different coverings allow the design to combine with the rest of the house in open concepts where we go from the kitchen to the leisure or study area.

U shaped kitchens

U-shaped kitchens with a good distribution will make the space perfectly used. The key in small U-shaped kitchens is not to overload them excessively. Use shelves and shelves that give a feeling of lightness and light colors for a feeling of greater amplitude.