At Magistral Cocinas, we take care of the details to the maximum.
Any element, no matter how small, is essential to optimize the final result of the kitchen of your dreams. It is not only about choosing furniture, appliances, design and colors.

There are other details that are not visible to the naked eye in the kitchen equipment, which are as important or more, since they refer to its manufacture and components, which are crucial for it to last for many years and in good condition.

Within the equipment of kitchens in Malaga we have an infinite number of combinations in terms of countertops, tables and chairs, handles, hardware and auxiliary lighting.

Contact our design team so that they can advise you on the different possibilities.

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Kitchen countertops

Kitchen countertops are an indispensable element in everyday work.

That’s why you need materials that are resistant to humidity and shocks.

We have kitchen countertops available in a wide range of finishes: quartz, porcelain, natural granites, acrylic, wood, high resistance laminates…

Each one has different composition characteristics, which you should take into account before choosing one or another option.

Your lifestyle and use preferences will determine which is your ideal countertop.

The most sold countertops are Silestone countertops, since they are composed almost entirely of quartz, they are very durable and resistant kitchen countertops with a wide range of colors and textures that allow a multitude of designs.

Currently, porcelain countertops are in great demand due to their excellent properties, as we look at such important aspects in a kitchen as stains, scratches, impacts and heat resistance.

In Magistral Cocinas we are Premium Distributors of Cosentino, which guarantees our customers multiple advantages in terms of promotions and priority access to all the novelties of its catalog of countertops. Contact us!

Kitchen Tables and chairs

The kitchen table continues to be the gathering place for the family and occupies a privileged place in kitchen design.

Both kitchen tables and chairs and kitchen bars and stools (in more modern designs or in kitchens of small dimensions) have to respond to criteria of comfort and resistance.

In Magistral Cocinas we offer you a great selection of kitchen stools, chairs and tables for kitchens in styles, vintage, modern, or classic to create the environment in which you feel more comfortable.

Kitchen handles

Small details make all the difference. This happens with kitchen handles, which can completely transform the style of a piece of furniture.

A priori, the handles may seem an unimportant detail, but opting for one or another can condition the final result of your kitchen in terms of design and comfort.

Handles should not be chosen lightly, as a good choice of handles will be important for the proper functioning of the kitchen and for its aesthetic appearance. The typology of handles is very wide: handle type, gola system, integrated horizontal, knobs, shells, concealed ….

In Magistral Cocinas we take care of every detail and help you choose the kitchen handles that customize your kitchen furniture. So that everything is to your liking.

Interior fittings

Kitchen hardware is the best ally for the intelligent use of different work areas. Their proper placement saves time and avoids unnecessary efforts, such as stretching or bending down to pick things up. For this purpose, some specific ones are used in every corner of the kitchen.

When designing the kitchen it is important that the opening of the doors and drawers is pleasant and ergonomic, so that the experience is 100% satisfactory for you.

Auxiliary lighting

The importance of lighting in the kitchen is influenced by our mood and concentration.

Many factors must be taken into account when planning kitchen lighting:

The size of the kitchen, the distribution, the elements of the ceiling, the entrance of natural light, the finishes of the furniture, the color of the walls and, above all, the activities that we are going to perform, are aspects to be assessed before starting the project.

It is one of the most frequented rooms in the house, so the lighting should be designed to facilitate both the work you will develop in it and the leisure time you are going to enjoy. From preparing a recipe and dinner with the family, to teleworking, doing homework, reading a book or watching a video in a practical way while cooking.