materials, colors and types of finishings

The possibilities when choosing your kitchen in terms of colors, materials and types of finishes are enormous. So much is the variety that without proper professional advice can lead you to make the wrong choice.
Are you not sure what color best matches your style?

You do not know what material and finish is ideal for your kitchen?
It is normal to have these and other doubts. Today we find that the functionality in the kitchen has made the furniture take a very different turn compared to previous years. The art of combining colors, textures, where every detail is meticulously cared for, leads to great innovation.

The correct design of the kitchen is to meet the needs of the person who is changing his kitchen. This space takes on an attraction and covers the needs making it an ideal place to work comfortably, looking for an increasing functionality and turning the kitchen back into a common space.

In Magistral Cocinas we explain all the details, advantages and disadvantages of the different materials, finishes and colors available. We will find with you the best balance between design, space utilization, functionality and your available budget.

Rely on our more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of custom kitchens.

I want professional advice on kitchen materials, colors and finishes.

Kitchen colors

White kitchens are a classic that will never go out of style.

White brings in light, makes the space look larger and creates timeless designs, something that is very important in the kitchen.

Small white kitchens are perfect for small apartments.

Combined with steel or aluminum we get modern white kitchens with a futuristic air.

If we integrate the white color in a wooden kitchen we will achieve a space with a more rustic or traditional look.

Beige kitchens are cozy and being a neutral tone combines with all kinds of materials.

If you combine beige or tan tiles in the front of the kitchen with light wood kitchen furniture and white on the walls you will get a bright and very homey room.

The beige color is a way to soften the coldness, sometimes inherent, of the kitchens, with a lot of steel in the appliances (oven, hood, refrigerator, microwave…).

You can decide for a neutral composition of white kitchen with gray countertop that is complemented with green, blue or powdered pink colors to give it a chic and vintage air. These tones transmit a relaxing, warm and cheerful feeling.

If you go for a black and white kitchen, the result will be a room that will never go out of style. Especially if you opt for a minimalist style that is complemented with plants, dishes or table linens where you can give freedom to color.

A black kitchen is very elegant and has a lot of personality. You can go for an all-black effect or combine it with almost any color. The fear of it being dark is compensated in environments with light, with mixtures that provide luminosity and with good lighting.

If you have a small kitchen, do not give up a black kitchen, but lighting will be essential.

A colorful kitchen will always be more authentic, personal and full of character.

Bright, vibrant colors such as those of a white and red kitchen or a combination of blue or green furniture with aluminum finishes give a modern, fun and casual look.

Wooden Kitchen

Wooden kitchens and especially white and wood kitchens connect us with a traditional home feeling. Within a modern or more vintage style we can find options that will always be warm and cozy.

Wooden kitchens can have moldings or have a more simple and modern aesthetic.
Wooden kitchens are back with a vengeance. Wood is a chameleon-like material that works equally well in modern, rustic, classic and even industrial kitchens. And it all depends on the finish of the wood.

Laminated Kitchens

Laminate kitchens have a simpler manufacturing process than wood or lacquered kitchens, which is why their price is lower.

There are different kinds of laminates and the qualities vary according to the manufacturing process they have and the quality of the materials they are made of.

A laminate countertop gives us the opportunity to achieve a wide variety of finishes. The most common ones imitate other materials such as stone, steel and wood, and allow us an infinite number of designs. Laminates allow us to give a gloss or matte finish to the kitchen furniture depending on the customer’s choice.

Varnished Kitchens

With a huge variety of colors, lacquered kitchens score points for their aesthetics and elegance. Available in matte, gloss or silk finish, the lacquer is applied in successive layers on both sides of the board and the edges, which gives them a uniform finish.

These doors are made of MDF board, which is well known in the world of furniture and interior design, since its uniform and homogeneous structure and fine texture allows its faces and edges to have a perfect finish, providing a fairly good resistance.

The price of these kitchens is higher due to the elaboration process of the door.
In this type of doors the possibility of customization is infinite both in colors and in models and door formats. Consult our design consultants and they will recommend the doors that best suit your needs.