Different kitchen

Your kitchen says a lot about you, more than you can imagine.
The current variety of kitchen styles to choose from is enormous.

Does modern define you, or more Nordic, or maybe you think industrial is the style that speaks the most about you? Whatever your style, we have a kitchen for you.

Magistral Cocinas, we adapt the kitchen styles to your needs. And of course within the available budget we can find from luxury kitchens to more economical and simple kitchens.

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Modern kitchens

Modern kitchens are first and foremost functional, looking for comfort and cleanliness. A designer kitchen is made to last over time, so the materials are key to both durability and aesthetics.

White modern kitchens are the most demanded, since it is a color that does not go out of fashion, and provides a feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness.

In our showroom you can see modern kitchen designs in different styles. Minimalist kitchens, modern wooden kitchens or kitchens in bright colors with lacquered surfaces.

We manufacture and design modern kitchen furniture for all tastes and budgets. Trust our experience designing small modern kitchens and you will discover how we can optimize the space in your home..

Nordic style kitchens

The Nordic style is a decorative trend on the rise for some years in the different rooms of the house, and how could it be otherwise, has reached the kitchens, as the nerve center and social center of the house.

The furniture stands out for its minimalism. Straight, functional and unadorned lines are an appropriate combination to achieve a functional and comfortable space.

Open kitchen shelves are common in Scandinavian style kitchens. They make it possible to keep kitchen products and utensils close at hand and easy to find.

Nordic style kitchens have become an object of desire thanks to their style and design. They are the perfect combination of form and functionality, as they are simple and practical, warm and cozy.

Their main characteristics are:

Use of white color providing greater luminosity.
Wood is the main element in Nordic kitchens. The light tones and natural finish of this material provide warmth and comfort. Wood is present in different textures and finishes: oak, pine, maple or ash is used in tables, chairs, flooring, countertops…

Classic kitchens

In Magistral Cocinas we offer the best finishes adapting the classic kitchens to the current trends. For this we use modern materials such as lacquered surfaces or pvc but with a classic aesthetic that never goes out of fashion. Emphasizing the functionality and ergonomics, so that the kitchen is practical without forgetting the style.

Throughout these years of experience, what our customers have always demanded from us is the design and manufacture of classic kitchens that last over time and give solidity to their homes. The kitchen is the heart of the home. This concept is transferred to the distribution of furniture and meeting areas, looking for comfort above all.

Industrial style kitchens

The industrial style is back and in the kitchens this fashion. It is a trend because they are innovative kitchens that retain the charm of the avant-garde and look full of personality.

The industrial style is also characterized by the use of other materials such as cement, iron, steel and brick.

Industrial is a style that uses neutral colors. The most used tones are grays, whites, blacks, browns and beige. Although that does not mean that other colors can be found or combine shades of color intensity, but only a few brushstrokes of the latter.

For large and small kitchens, this style does not understand dimensions or measures, but of typical elements of this fashion of yesteryear, however, and despite serving several centuries since it was created, is still more up than ever.

Rustic kitchens

Rustic kitchens evoke tranquility, as if time had stopped.

The decoration of a rustic kitchen allows us to give our home a cozy atmosphere and create a space with a very special touch full of warmth and well-being.
Rustic kitchens transport us to the peace and quiet of country life, a lifestyle that transmits longing.

The most important elements of a rustic style kitchen are:

⦁ Wood, which brings warmth.
⦁ The stone, which brings personality.

The combination of these two elements together with the incorporation of objects and details characteristic of this style, will make the rustic kitchen have a special charm.